Happy Valley Racecourse
Opening Hours: 
7:00pm - 11:00pm (Wed, Sat & Sun). From September till June.
Causeway Bay station - Exit A
2 Sports Road, Happy Valley, Hong Kong Island
+852 2895 1523

The Happy Valley Racecourse dates back to 1846, and was a long-time favorite of the British. It currently enjoys a lot of popularity with locals, as well as tourists. It can be easily spotted at night due to the impressive number of lights used to illuminate the track. The regular racing season begins in September and ends in June, with races on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. Some of the top horse races in the region are held at this track, and the races are always a fun event. The horses entered into races at the track are all Thoroughbreds.

Computerized betting for races occurring away from the racetrack is allowed at the track. This allows guests to bet on other races that interest them while enjoying the races at Happy Valley. The atmosphere of the track encourages visitors to join in one the gambling action. There are also regular social events hosted at the track. Visitors can meet other racing enthusiasts, whether they are local or fellow travelers. The major Chinese holidays provide an especially festive atmosphere for socializing. Some of the major events include Chinese New Year, the Lantern Festival, and the Dragon Boat Festival.

One of the things that make the Happy Valley Racecourse a popular place to visit is the Hong Kong Racing Museum, which is located on the premises of the racetrack. It has a gift shop, as well as a small cinema where films are sometimes shown. Several thematic exhibitions that change periodically are available. Many of these are sponsored by local non-profit groups. The skeleton of a horse is on display that shows the unique anatomy of Thoroughbreds. There are also exhibits that cover the development of horses in China, as well as a history of the racetrack.

Visitors to the Happy Valley Racecourse also have access to several good restaurants. The choices that are available appeal to most visitors. The Moon Koon Restaurant serves a variety of delicious Chinese favorites. Guests can order a-la-carte if they prefer. Stable Bend Terrace features an outdoor location and offers BBQ, along with free drinks. A great view of the whole racetrack is offered, and the food is served buffet-style for your convenience. The Beer Garden has a great selection of beers, and you can hear racing commentary in English. Burgers, hot dogs and other light foods are offered. There are also several private and semi-private seating areas.

Standard admission fee is HK$10.

Getting There
How to get to the racetrack. Located in the north part of Hong Kong Island, it is easily accessible by any land transport. Take the MTR and get to the Causeway Bay MTR station. Get out of the station through Exit A and walk about 15 minutes along Matheson Street, Leighton Road and Wong Nai Chung Road to the public entrance. Also, you can take a tram from anywhere on the northern side of the island. Just get on a tram marked "Happy Valley". Trams are not a fast transport but very cheap (only HK$2.3) and you can explore the city.
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