Po Lin Monastery
Opening Hours: 
9:00am - 6:00pm
Ngong Ping, Lantua Island

The incredible Po Lin Monastery is found on the Lantau Island of Hong Kong. It was originally built by 3 monks and named Da Mao Peng. However, in 1924 it got the new name of Po Lin Monastery and in 1994 it was turned into one of the most popular and renowned of all the tourist destinations Hong Kong can boast about.

The Po Lin Monastery has many halls and a number of impressive structures reminiscent of a monastery of its stature and caliber. Ti- tsang Bodhisattva's bronze statue stands in the Ti- tsang Bodhisattva hall way. This statue weights about 441 pounds with a bronze bell that weighs 1, 000 kilograms.

The most famed sight to behold at the Po Lin Monastery is the Tian Tan Big Buddha which is located on Muyu Mountain's peak. The statue depicts Sakyamuni sitting on lotus pedestals in the meditation position common to all Buddhists. It ranks among the biggest of all statues in the whole wide world meaning it is a perfect sight to behold whether you are a tourist or a Buddhist.

The pedestal on Po Lin Monastery has an exhibition hall that is 3 storied. It comprises of the Sakyamuni Memorial, the Gongde and the Fajie halls. The last hall has a display of a book of wood with records of around 160 bodhisattvas gathered together discussing the sutras of the religion.

The famed Buddhist Relic Exhibition is typically held in the Po Lin Monastery. In addition to this, innumerable Buddhist relics that are all priceless are displayed at this amazing monastery. These include a painting referred to as the Monk Huayan Buddhist Sutras and the well known Longcang Sutra. This is the main reason why millions of Buddhist disciples love visiting the Po Lin Monastery from all round the world.

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