Hong Kong's Favorite Areas

Hong Kong is a popular tourist attraction in and of itself. Though small in size, it is known as one of the cities that offers amazing sights and an unforgettable experience. The city is divided to several areas. These different areas offer unique experiences for tourists.

Hong Kong Island

One of the places most commonly associated with tourism is Hong Kong Island. In the Central area, some of the sights you can see include City Hall, which is now a popular exhibition center and theater, and the cenotaph. It's a World War I and World War II memorial that's a replica of one in London. The Man Mo Temple is the oldest temple in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences traces the history of modern medicine in Hong Kong.
Other tourist areas are on the East Coast and South Coast areas of Hong Kong Island. On the East Coast, visit Central Plaza for observation platforms that offer an excellent view of the city. The Hong Kong Central Library includes exhibitions, as well as Chinese and English books. You can get free wireless Internet access here. The South Coast is home to some of Hong Kong's most popular beaches. The Murray House is an example of colonial architecture. It's now home to the Hong Kong Maritime Museum, which details the city's nautical history.


Kowloon is the most populated part of Hong Kong, and is also one of the key tourist areas. The waterfront area is a good place to enjoy shopping and dining, in a colorful setting. A light show featuring some of the tallest buildings is held every night, with music. The Avenue of the Stars is commonly compared to the Hollywood Walk of Fame. You can have your picture taken with the Bruce Lee statue here. The Hong Kong Museum of Art has one of the most impressive collections of various types of artwork.

New Territories

Another one of the popular tourist areas is the New Territories area. This has a lot of nature-related attractions, with many being in a serene mountain setting. The Hong Kong wetland Park has an impressive amount of migratory bird life. Interpretive exhibits are available for all ages. Several Buddhist monasteries are found in this area. Castle Peak Monastery is over 1,000 years old, and has a beautiful natural setting. The 10,000 Buddhas Monastery has numerous Buddha statues, as well as a pagoda that's nine stories tall. The Lam Tsuen Wishing Tree is another popular attraction with tourists. It's thought to bring wealth and good luck, and many visitors like to photograph it.