If you love to shop, then Hong Kong is your choice. Hong Kong is a shopping paradise for tourists. This Asian metropolis is well-known for its high-rise department stores, magnificent shops and street markets. There is no brand in the world, which would not be presented in Hong Kong. You can buy almost everything - from cheap clothing to state-of-the-art electronic goods. Excellent shopping can be found everywhere in the city. There is a great variety of stores in Hong Kong. The majority of department stores and shops are open 7 days a week. They usually open at 10am and close at 7-8pm depending on the area. Some of the department stores are remain open until 9-10pm. 2 weeks prior to the Chinese New Year begin the biggest seasonal bargain sale in all the major department stores and discounts can be up to 30-50%.

Elegant shopping malls and nice street stalls, boutiques and night bazaars sell clothes, shoes, antiques, watches, jewelry, electronic goods and photo accessories - for every taste and budget. It is the incomplete list of what is possible to buy in Hong Kong. Many buildings are connected by long corridors, and you can pass from one shopping centre to another, without going down on the ground floor. And almost in each shopping centre is possible to find the latest models from the famous designers. If you would like something unusual in clothing, then you can take advantage of well-known Hong Kong studios. Here you will be offered individual tailoring: suits, shirts, evening wear and much more. Also, Hong Kong is a tremendous place of purchase of high-quality jewelry at a reasonable price - gold, diamonds, pearls, jade. In addition, Hong Kong is a good place for purchase of fur products.

Most of imported goods are not taxed, because Hong Kong is a duty-free port. As a result, you can buy relatively expensive goods such as clothing, electronics, jewelry, watches or luxury products for 10-15% cheaper than in other cities of the world. That is why shopping is one of the main reasons of visiting Hong Kong by tourists. In fact, many tourists visit Hong Kong only for shopping. The prices of the goods are vary from store to store and the pricing policy in Hong Kong is very flexible. Usually you can buy the goods in department stores at a lower price for cash, than using your credit card. In fact, some countries like Hong Kong, prefer cash over credit cards and when you pay by card, the price is higher.

What to Buy

Hong Kong is one of the biggest shopping cities in the world, and this despite the fact that it competes with the whole of South-East Asia, which many perceive as one great and wonderful market. Having arrived to Hong Kong you plunge into a shopping realm. Here you will find boutiques and shops, falling almost at every step, street markets and shopping malls in popular tourist areas. Whatever you were looking for - novelties of Western fashion, electronic goods, glasses, jewelry or fake goods, you will find what you want. You can haggle or get a discount at almost all shops, street markets or shopping malls. Below are the categories of the goods that are especially popular among residents and visitors of Hong Kong. Read More >>

Shopping Areas

Being a shopping paradise for tourists Hong Kong has several shopping areas. The main shopping areas located in Hong Kong Island and Kowloon Peninsula. Shopping areas in Hong Kong Island include Central, Causeway Bay, Wanchai, Western District and Stanley Market on the southern side of the island. Shopping areas in Kowloon include Tsim Sha Tsui, Yau Ma Tei and Mongkok. Read More >>

Shopping Malls

Each shopping district of Hong Kong has one or more shopping malls or department stores. Many of world-class department stores and shopping malls have entrenched in Hong Kong. Here are presented the British network Marks and Spencer, and the Japanese SOGO. Also are popular the local department stores, such as Wing On, Sincere and Lane Crawford. Hong Kong shopping malls and department stores offer the goods for every taste and budget. You will find a wide selection of clothes, shoes, household goods, luggage, electronics goods, sports equipment, books, cosmetics, Chinese products, products for skin care, jewelry and everything else. Read More >>