Hong Kong Street Markets
Opening Hours: 
7:00am – 8:00pm
Prince Edward station - Exit B1
Yuen Po Street Bird Garden, Mong Kok, Kowloon

Adjacent to the Flower Market, the Yuen Po Street Bird Garden is a place where you can see a large variety of songbirds. It is located on Yuen Po street, opposite the Royal Plaza Hotel.

Songbirds have been an important part of traditional Chinese culture; though, at the moment the importance of songbirds is declining.

Historically, the bird market was located on Hong Lok street, which was known at the time as "Bird Street". But due to the reconstruction of the surrounding areas in the 1990s, the market was relocated to the current location on Yuen Po street.

Today, the Bird Garden comprises over 50 small stalls selling a wide variety of birds and songbirds, cages of different shapes and sizes, feeders, water bowls and other supplies.
Feed supply, bird shop

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Hints & Tips

- For many modern travelers the market itself isn't worth a visit, compared to the Ladies Market or Temple Street. But together with other themed markets nearby, it is a great way to spend a couple of hours immersing into Chinese culture.

Getting There
How to get there. Take the MTR and get to the Prince Edward station (MTR Tsuen Wan Line or MTR Kwun Tong Line). Get out of the station through Exit B1, make a U-turn and walk about 5-6 minutes along Prince Edward road West until you see the Royal Plaza Hotel on the opposite side. Then turn left and walk about 50 meters along flower stalls.
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