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Airbuses at the Airport Ground Transportation CenterBuses are the cheapest way to get to and from Hong Kong International Airport, and the "A" routes are the most comfortable among all airport bus routes. The New Territories are serviced by 5 Airbus routes (A31/A33/A41/A41P/A43). The Airbus A31 plies between the airport and Tsuen Wan via Tsing Yi and Kwai Chung. The route is serviced by double-decked buses with air-conditioning. The luggage racks allow to store your luggage while you enjoy a bus ride. The bus stop (Ground Transportation Centre) is situated outside the Arrival Hall on the right side. So, to take a bus from the airport you need to get out of the Arrival Hall and turn right. Follow the direction signs.

The Route and Timetable

The Airbus route A31 serves Kwai Tsing District and the southern part of Tsuen Wan District. The journey distance between the airport and Tsuen Wan West Station is about 37 km. The approximate journey time is 65 mins and varies according to the traffic conditions.
The route from the airport runs along Ching Hong Road, Tsing Yi Road, Hing Fong Road, Kwai Hing Road, Kwai Chung Road, Castle Peak Road, Tai Chung Road, Sha Tsui Road to Tsuen Wan West Station, and covers the following areas: Tsing Yi (South), Kwai Fong, Kwai Hing, Tai Wo Hau and Discovery Park. The buses run daily from 6:00am to 12:00am with a frequency every 15-20 minutes.
The return route is almost the same and the buses run daily from 5:20am to 12:00am with a frequency every 15-30 minutes.

The Fare and Payment Methods

The adult fare is HK$18.9 and there are several ways to pay for a ride:
- Buy a single journey ticket. It can be purchased at Customer Service & Airbus Ticket Office (Airport Ground Transportation Centre).
- Pay by cash. You must pay the exact amount of HK$ for a ride because the bus driver will not give you a change.
- Pay by Octopus Card. It can be purchased at the Arrival Hall.

The Bus Stops of A31 Route

Airport ›› Tsuen Wan West Station Tsuen Wan West Station ›› Airport
# Bus Stop # Bus Stop
1 Airport (Ground Transportation Centre) 1 Tsuen Wan West Station
2 Lantau Link Toll Plaza 2 Fuk Loi Estate Tai Chung Road
3 Cheung Hong Estate Hong Shun House 3 Tsuen Wan (Discovery Park)
4 Ching Shing Court 4 Tsuen Wan Station
5 Cheung Ching Bus Terminus 5 Chung On Street Tsuen Wan
6 Cheung Ching Estate Ching Wai House 6 Tai Wo Hau Station
7 Cheung Ching Estate Ching Tao House 7 Kwai Chung Public School
8 Kwai Chung Sports Ground 8 Kwai Chun Court, Kwai Chung Road
9 Che Fong Street 9 Kwai Fong Estate Kwai Shun House
10 Osman R. Sadick Memorial Sports Centre 10 Metroplaza
11 Kwai Hing Station 11 Cheung Ching Estate Ching Tao House
12 Kwai Hing Estate Kwai Hing Road 12 Mayfair Gardens
13 Wo Kwai Lane 13 Cheung Ching Bus Terminus
14 Kin Chuen Street Kwai Chung 14 Ching Shing Court
15 Tai Wo Hau Station 15 Cheung Hong Estate
16 Chung On Street Tsuen Wan 16 Ching Wah Court
17 Fu Wah Street 17 Lantau Link Toll Plaza
18 Tsuen Wan (Discovery Park) 18 Airport (Terminal One)
19 Fuk Loi Estate Tai Chung Road 19 Airport (Terminal Two)
20 Moon Lok Dai Ha 20 Airport (Ground Transportation Centre)
21 Tsuen Wan West Station    
Bus Stops and Hotels on the Map

The List of Hotels Along the Route and the Nearby Bus Stops

Hotel Area From Airport
To Downtown
From Downtown
To Airport
The marked bus stops are at a distance of more than 400 meters from the hotel.
L'hotel Nina et Convention Centre Tsuen Wan A31 21 A31 1
Mexan Harbour Hotel Tsing Yi A31 7 A31 11
Panda Hotel Tsuen Wan A31 16 A31 6
Rambler Garden Hotel Tsing Yi A31 7 A31 11
Rambler Oasis Hotel Tsing Yi A31 7 A31 11
Silka Far East Hotel Tsuen Wan A31 16 A31 5

Additional Information

Hints & Tips

- One piece of luggage and one piece of hand luggage is allowed to carry free of charge for each passenger.

Useful Numbers

Service Number
KMB Customer Service Hotline +852 2745 4466